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Buffini & Company’s Do It N.O.W. campaign will help you increase your revenue to $460K annually by defining, explaining and showing you how to implement the steps to find and secure listings for the upcoming real estate market change.
Own the market with 4 exclusive strategies* to generate, secure and close listings. Plus, all the training, marketing assets and resources needed to build clients for life.

Your Do It N.O.W. campaign includes monthly curated content, PLUS:

  • Go-to-market strategies*
  • Marketing flyer to share with your clients
  • Social media posts
  • Videos and scripts from real estate industry expert Brian Buffini
  • Free training to guide you through any market
Strategy 1:
Generate a Listing Lead
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Strategy 2*:
The Listing Presentation and Your Unique Selling Proposition
Land the listing every time
Strategy 3*:
How to Service and Sell Your Listings
Exceed expectations and close more deals
Strategy 4*:
Create Seller Advocates
Develop loyal clients that refer you and your business.
Get ready to accelerate your business using these exclusive and proven resources with guidance from a Buffini Coach*.

Do It N.O.W.

  • No Chaos! Avoid the chaos of the shifting market.
  • Own the Listings! Secure and serve the listing every time.
  • Win Market Share! Outperform the competition and build long-term business.

*As a Referral Maker PRO member, you get access to Strategy 1: Generate a Listing Lead. As a One2One Coaching or Leadership Coaching member, you will get access to all four strategies as well as guidance from a Buffini Coach.

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