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Discover your selling,
communication and serving strengths

Welcome listener! Now's the time to discover your selling, communication and serving strengths

Take the assessment and learn how to lean into your natural
abilities to perform better in a professional setting.

Become a better version of you

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In just 10 minutes, we have all the insight needed to reveal your professional strengths of selling, communication and serving. 

Customized for you

Discover how you influence and motivate, share and receive information and prioritize your needs while serving others. 

Unlock your strengths

Empower your natural abilities with exclusive content to help you understand and master your professional strengths.

You’re not simply a letter, number, shape or color. You’re unique, powerful and full of potential.

You’re not a letter, number, shape or color. You’re unique, powerful and full of potential.

Set your strengths free

We all strive to achieve our goals and live a happy, engaged and motivated life. Playing to our strengths is key to this. Once you reveal and understand your natural strengths and abilities they make you — a better you.

Know your real strengths
Are you stuck?

Take the quick and easy assessment to gain clarity and generate momentum.

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Do you feel misunderstood?

Quickly gain valuable communication and relational insights into yourself and others.

Are you frustrated?

Learn how to live better in your strengths — just how you were designed to.

Simple to start. Simple to succeed.

Designed by pros

We support entrepreneurs and small business professionals in mastering their strengths, so they generate more referred leads, close more sales, increase their net income and enjoy more time off.

Practical results you can use today

In less than 10 minutes, you will unlock your professional strengths by viewing your results and having instant access to exclusive content. 

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Uncover your full potential with results and content on how to better manage yourself throughout your professional life to work more effectively and productively.  

Empower your world one strength at a time

Buffini & Company’s REALStrengths Assessment is a practical strengths-based assessment tool that provides an evaluation of your natural gifts and abilities. Unlock your professional strengths for free.

Discover your 3 strengths

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Selling Strength

Learn how you influence, persuade and motivate people to a desired action to help you work better with others. 
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Communication Strength

Become a more skilled communicator by understanding how you share and receive information. 
Woman handing over keys to a new house

Serving Strength

Know when and how you are the most productive so that you can best serve yourself and others. 

Ready to unlock and empower your strengths?