Janell Schmittling

Last year Janell and her team closed nearly 200 transactions and netted $50 million.

“After eight years of coaching, my income has gone up 30 times.”

REALTOR®/Managing Broker, Homes by Janell

O’Fallon, IL

Member since 2015

“The thing I love about the Buffini system is that I feel literally anyone can do it. I immediately saw my business triple. With coaching, my income has gone up 30 times.”

Janell Schmittling

Nearly nine years ago, Janell Schmittling was struggling as a real estate agent, closing one home a month, if she “was lucky,” she said.  

Worse than that, her home life was also in disarray as she watched her husband battle a problem with alcohol. Desperate to find a way out of the chaos, the mom of two started googling “real estate training programs”. After clicking on the Buffini & Company website, she found the ray of light she was seeking as she read the success stories on there.  

“I was inspired,” she said, “And thought, ‘Maybe if they can do it, I can do it too.’”  

That very night Janell signed up for training.  

“Immediately I saw my business triple,” she said. 

Encouraged by those results Janell next decided to join One2One coaching™ and then moved to Leadership Coaching™ in 2021. With the help of her coach, she has found the strength and confidence inside her to pursue a dream she never thought would happen — opening her own business.   

“In eight years of coaching, my income has gone up 30 times from what it was prior to that,” she said.  

With the help of her team, she has closed nearly 200 transactions and netted $50 million. 

The financial success is significant, but it’s not the only way Buffini has changed her life, she said.  

“My self-esteem grew and helped my husband get the help he needed as well,” she said. “He is now sober eight years.”  

With her coach, Janell has worked on ways to be sure she manages her time so that she can be there for her children and attend their events.   

“Coaching really helped me believe in myself,” she said. “I am now in a place to help lead other women, too.”   

“I’m super grateful to Buffini & Company,” she added. “It means a lot to me to be able to share my story because I remember what it was like to feel so down and feel like there was no help out there. I hope there’s someone out there that will believe in themself because I think it’s possible [to change your life.]  I know it’s possible.”  

Janell Schmittling Results:

Last year Janell and her team closed nearly 200 transactions and netted $50 million.

Within eight years of joining coaching, she increased her income by 30 times.

After initial training, Janell’s income tripled.

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