In-depth interview with Tami Bonnell

Co-Chair, EXIT Realty Corp. International

Top 3 things you will gain from watching this episode

How to strengthen your culture to grow your business, even in challenging times.  (7:55)

How to utilize targets, timelines, tactics and tenacity to ensure you meet your goals.  (11:11)

The S.A.V.E.R. (silence, affirmation, visualization, exercise and reading) method to help you maintain focus and increase productivity.  (18:20)

Notable quotes from this episode

“Lead by example. Work on your own human potential and grow yourself personally.”

Dermot Buffini

“Connect with other people. It takes you out of your own world and out of your own problems to focus on the possibilities, focusing on the wins.”

Dermot Buffini

“Focus on the wins and remind yourself of the tough stuff you've gone through, because if you've done it once, you can do it again. In fact, you’re a lot smarter the second time.”

Dermot Buffini

“My number one rule, only focus on the solution. Never focus on the problem.”

Tami Bonnell

“It always works better to have targets, timelines, and tactics, but add tenacity, the passion to really stick with it.”

Tami Bonnell

“Always ask questions to constantly grow. What do I need to learn? Who do I need to surround myself with? How can I expect the people who follow me to grow, if I’m not growing?”

Tami Bonnell

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Watch Interview with Tami Bonnell

Tami Bonnell

Co-Chair, EXIT Realty Corp. International

About Tami Bonnell

Tami Bonnell, the co-chair of EXIT Realty Corp International, is an internationally renowned speaker and 30-plus-year veteran in the real estate industry. She joined EXIT in 1999, was appointed CEO in 2012 and was promoted to co-chair in 2021.   

Among her many industry accolades, Bonnell has been named to the Swanepoel Power 200 as one of the most powerful leaders and executives in the residential real estate industry consecutively from 2016-2023.    

In 2023, Bonnell was awarded the prestigious RISMedia Power Broker Real Estate Leadership Award, sponsored by Buffini & Company.    

In 2024, she was named an Inman Power Leader and inducted into the RISMedia Hall of Fame.   

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