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Overcoming Adversity

About Bill Hampton

Bill Hampton wants you to succeed – and he’s willing to tell the truth to get you there. Bill’s passion for a good story led him to an early career as a music promoter, and eventually to being the vice president at the Premiere Speakers Bureau where he promoted the “who’s who” of the speaking industry. 

Bill went on to become the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Ramsey Solutions, where over the course of 13 years, he helped The Dave Ramsey Show become one of the nation’s largest syndicated talk radio shows heard on more than 500 stations.

A master strategist, Bill has put his insight into entrepreneurship and businesses development to work as a close consultant for Buffini & Company’s leadership team. He’s also graced the stage at sold-out events across the country, speaking to high-level performers throughout the industry on how to maximize their potential and reach the best versions of themselves – both personally and professionally. Today, he resides in Nashville, Tenn., where he shares five beautiful children with his wife Amanda.

What others say about Bill Hampton

“Bill Hampton is one of the greatest business minds I’ve had a chance to connect with in my career. He is a master of strategy and implementation and his strong values and principles guide his decision making. Bill crafted a very specific keynote address for Southwestern Real Estate that really impacted our agents and he was able to take questions in a Q&A format that gave our folks direct access to his brilliance. Not only did he impart golden nuggets, but our folks felt a deep personal connection to him.”

Patrick Roach
President and Co-Founder,
Southwestern Real Estate

“Bill's meeting to help us enhance our 2023 Business Plan using his strategic insights into entrepreneurship and growing businesses was nothing short of incredible! The time spent together was well utilized in crafting plans to grow into the future. My favorite thing about Bill is his willingness to be up front and honest. He wants you to succeed and is willing to tell you the truth that is necessary to help you get where you want to be. I feel that Bill legitimately cares about every person he works with. If you want to make the best investment in yourself, then invest in spending time with Bill Hampton.”

Beau Benjamin


Play to Win

Marketing guru, Bill Hampton delivers a powerful message on how you can win in 2024. He’ll bring to life the lead-gen and promotional pillars of every built-to-last business.

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