Image of The Leader’s Leader, Dermot Buffini

Dermot Buffini

Business Coaching Company CEO,
C-Suite Business Coach, Leadership Expert

Image of The Leader’s Leader, Dermot Buffini

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About Dermot Buffini

Known as “The Leader’s Leader,” Dermot Buffini has challenged and transformed what it means to be an effective Chief Executive Officer. As CEO of Buffini & Company, he spearheads a team that helps clients win in their businesses and their lives.

Before becoming CEO, Dermot’s professional journey involved fostering corporate relationships and leading growth initiatives as the company’s senior vice president of business development.

Recognized as a changemaker in the industry, Dermot has been a finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s CEO of the Year, an RISMedia Newsmaker and ranked in the Swanepoel Power 200. Under his leadership, Buffini & Company has been consecutively recognized as a Top Place to Work in San Diego since 2016. A Dublin native, Dermot embodies the “Emigrant Edge.”

What others say about Dermot Buffini

“Dermot’s presentation was timely and relevant considering that the market has shifted significantly in late 2022. His tips for surviving this market – focus on referrals/leads/sales is a good reminder to any real estate professional at any time!”

Hope Atuel
CEO and executive director,
Asian American Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)

“Dermot has been an advisor, speaker and confidant to our company of 950 agents and our leadership team. His material is always exceptional and extraordinarily accurate about the current market conditions. His entertaining manner makes his message extremely memorable. Our agents and leadership team talked about and acted on his advice for months after he engaged with them.”

J.B. Goodwin
CEO, JBGoodwin Realtors

“Dermot Buffini is one of the most dynamic and effective leaders in the residential real estate industry, yet he doesn’t run a brokerage or sell homes! Dermot and the organization he leads are to real estate what 'Powered by Intel' is to technology - they power real estate organizations and professionals with the training and resources they need to become more effective, efficient and successful, all while maintaining important life balance.”

John Featherston
CEO and founder, RISMedia

“I've worked with Dermot Buffini for many years, and he's had a huge impact on me and so many others in our industry. As a speaker, he's amazing – able to connect with audiences through stories, humor, and extremely relevant strategies they can use right away. Dermot's an authentic, engaging pro who understands the industry as well as anyone. From my perspective, he stands out as one of the best in the business.”

Nick Bailey
CEO and president,
RE/MAX World Headquarters

“I’ve truly enjoyed my conversations with Dermot. He has the ability to put you at ease and ask the right questions to learn. Working with Dermot changed my entire outlook on how I view my role. Learning about the 5 circles and how they play into one another was maybe the most insightful “assessment” if you will that I’ve done. It has not only helped me, but enabled me to identify the “why” behind gaps that I see in others.”

Chuck Smith
General manager,
Align Technology, Inc.


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