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Master Coach & Trainer, Business Performance and Leadership Expert

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About Billy Van Raaphorst

Billy Van Raaphorst is Buffini & Company’s master trainer and coach, where he works with the coaching, sales team and corporate partners. He previously served as a Business Coach for 14 years and then five as a Performance Coach, helping to lead the coaching and training programs for the company’s coaches. He is also a trainer and expert in Business Planning, leadership training, REALStrengths®, 100 Days to Greatness®, and The Pathway to Mastery  

A native of San Diego, he received his business degree from San Diego State University, where he played Division 1 football. Prior to joining Buffini & Company, Billy spent five years in professional baseball as an umpire. That passion now extends to umpiring college baseball, including four stints at the NCAA Men’s College World Series.  

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Unlock Your True Potential

In this inspiring session, Billy unravels the keys to unlocking your true potential and that of your team. In this engaging talk, Billy will guide you through the transformative process of defining your mission and aligning it with your team’s goals. Discover the profound impact a strategy and plan can have on propelling you towards greatness and learn actionable steps to continually expand your potential.

The Power of Priority

This session unveils techniques to identify and prioritize your most crucial goals. In this dynamic talk, Billy will guide you through strategic actions that align seamlessly with your objectives, ensuring a path to success. Explore the invaluable concept of time management and discover how to leverage your most important asset – time – wisely for optimal results. 

Activate Your Authentic Superpower

In this presentation, “Activate Your Authentic Superpower,” Billy reveals how identifying and leaning into your own unique skill set and strengths will help you leverage your time and priorities and effectively focus on action steps needed to reach your goals. 

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