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Brand Community Strategist, Speaker, Emcee, Interviewer, Moderator  

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About Derek Jones

Derek Jones is the heart and soul of the Buffini & Company community. A master of all things energy and connection, you’ll find Derek on stage bringing the room to life at most Buffini events. His presence is palpable, as an emcee he’s shared the stage with the likes of Mel Robbins, Walter Bond and Sinbad and has interviewed Olympian Apolo Ohno.

Derek joined Buffini & Company in 2007 and since that time has served in a variety of roles – working with the company’s Buffini Group Leaders, managing the company’s world-class events and growing the organization’s vast network of clients… all of which has brought him face to face with thousands of clients and customers. A sociology major in college, he has always been fascinated by human interaction and connection, making him a perfect fit for his current role – director of community relations.

He is responsible for helping the company’s Members connect with each other and strengthening the connection those members have to Buffini & Company. Originally from Los Angeles, Derek currently resides in San Diego.

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Better Together

As human beings, we are hardwired to connect with one another. Despite that fact, so much often gets in the way of our business and personal relationships. Derek will share how interpersonal connection is in the very fabric of what makes us human, highlight some of the roadblocks that get in our way and show how improving our communication and connection is key to being a pro in any industry.

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