Candis Kolb

Candis went from $3M (sales volume) in her first year as a rookie agent to $30M (sales volume)

“My sales volume is now $27 million per year!”

Candis Colb


Peoria, AZ

Member since 2005

“I made the decision to get into real estate because I wanted something that is highly relational and has unlimited earning potential.”

Candis Kolb

Candis took a leap of faith, quit a career that drained her energy and chose to go all in with real estate. While studying for her license, she observed a man writing personal notes and she asked what he was doing. Turns out, he was a successful agent who relied on Buffini & Company for his lead generation and business planning so Candis signed up for an upcoming event that changed her life

At this Buffini & Company event, she signed up for One2One Coaching™ and hit the ground running. After 12 months, Candis was ‘Rookie of the Year’ for her company for the entire county.

“I thought to myself: Wow! How did that happen? Oh yeah! Calls, Notes, Pop-Bys! Just keep doing what you’re doing! “

Because Candis works by referral, her new clients come to her from people who already know and trust her. It starts the relationship at a high level and they know I will work hard for them.

“I love to take 5 to 6 weeks of vacation every year and am able to do that because I work very hard with my coach on a strategic plan that provides balance in my life.”

Candis Kolb Results:

2021 — Candis went from $3M (sales volume) in her first year as a rookie agent to $30M (sales volume)

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