Wendy Griffis

Last year Wendy made over $700,000, 7x more than when she started with Buffini & Company.

“Having my coach say, ‘Hire to where you’re going’ has been one of the things I’ve leaned into.”

REALTOR®, Wendy Griffis Group

Jacksonville, FL

Member since 2006

“In my first year doing the Buffini system, my referrals went up about 30%. By the second year, they had doubled, and then every year since they have compounded.”

Wendy Griffis

Wendy Griffis first attended a Buffini & Company event at the invitation of a fellow real estate agent. She quickly realized, she said, that hiring a real estate coach would give her the structure and tools that she needed to grow her business.    

“One of the reasons why I felt like I needed a coach is that our industry is a very lone ranger industry. What I found is it’s really helpful to have somebody who can guide you through that and they believe in you sometimes more than you believe in yourself,” she said.   

Her biggest challenge prior to joining Buffini, she noted, was “not knowing where my next potential client was going to come from.”   

Guided by her coach, Wendy started implementing the Work by Referral™ system, which paid off almost immediately.   

“[In] my first year doing the Buffini system my referrals went up about 30%. By the second year, they had doubled, and then every year since they have compounded.” she said.  

Her income has grown substantially as well.      

“Last year I made over $700,000, seven times more than when I started with Buffini & Company,” she said.  

Her coach has also been an integral part of helping Wendy to create a winning team, serving as a resource whenever she was considering potential hires or considering the next move in scaling her business.  

Working exclusively by referral has allowed Wendy to feel prepared for the future, no matter what the market does.  

“I don’t worry that next year is going to be a bad year because I know I’ve done the work. Referrals are 100% of what I do and I can count on it,” she stressed.  

Wendy added that when she started out in real estate, she “just wanted to make a living.”  

But now, she said, she realizes that there is “so much more to just income when it comes to a good life.”  

“[It’s] how can I make sure that I am showing up as my best self and bring the light to people around me. I have the best life!” 

Wendy Griffis Results:

Wendy’s income has grown seven times more than when she started, to $700,000.

In her first year her referrals went up by 30% and have compounded every year since then.

Working by referral gives her the assurance that she has a steady pipeline of leads, no matter what the market does.

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