Julie Corrado

Julie closed 111 transactions for over $26 million in sales volume.

“I took Peak Producers and nearly doubled my transactions.”

Agent – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

South Windsor, CT

Member since 2008

“In the last two years, I’ve saved money, funded my retirement, remodeled my house and eliminated all my debt!”

Julie Corrado

Ian Julie Corrado is living the good life!

Since 2010, her transaction numbers have gone from 46 to 91, her sales volume in 2014 was over $15 million. “I took Peak Producers in 2012 and nearly doubled my transactions. So, I took it again in 2013, and am going to take it again this year to ensure another outstanding year!” says Julie.

Julie does not have a team of agents working for her, it’s just her and an assistant and they are having a wonderful time. “In 2012, I paid off $60,000 in debt. In 2013, I stopped doing ‘For Sale by Owner’ listings because of the referrals I was getting based on the Peak Producer principals,” explains Julie. “Plus, I remodeled both my bathrooms and kitchen, put $70,000 in the bank, and another $125,000 into my SEP retirement account.”

“I’m telling my story as motivation for others!”

And why not, it’s a fantastic story.

Julie Corrado Results:

2016 — Closed 111 transactions for over $26 million in sales volume.

2010 — Closed 46 transactions.

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