Olga Mintz

Olga closed 13 transactions for a sales volume of $13 million.

“I work 50% less and earn 500% more!”

Agent – Intero Real Estate Services

San Jose, CA

Member since 2007

“If someone told me 20 years ago this is what my life was going to be, I wouldn’t have believed them. I am now living the American Dream!”

Olga Mintz

Olga Mintz came to America with $400 in her pocket and a strong determination to start a new life. After struggling to find work in her home country, Russia, she hopped on a plane and made the decision that she wouldn’t be returning.

She got into real estate because she saw it as an opportunity to create the life for herself and her family that she’d always wanted and was quickly introduced to Buffini & Company. After 8 years in Real Estate Coaching with us she’s now working less and making 500% more.

Watch the video and find out how she did it…

Olga Mintz Results:

2016 — Olga closed 13 transactions for a sales volume of $13 million.

2015 — She works 50% less and earns $500% more.

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