Suzanne Botsifaras

Suzanne closed 26 transactions with over $13 million in sales.

“I'm on-track to double my income!”

Realtor, RE/MAX Garden City Realty, Inc

Burlington, ON

Member since 2013

“Coaching is invaluable and I never think of it as a luxury; it is a business necessity to me, like my cell phone.”

Suzanne Botsifaras

One day in 2012, after 25 years as a Senior Corporate Law Clerk, Suzanne Botsifaras decided, “That’s it! I’m going to get my real estate license.” She says of her previous career, “I spent my whole day in front of a computer. There was no personal interaction and it wasn’t fulfilling.” Real estate turned out to be the perfect fit.

Suzanne attributes much of the success she’s earned to the Working by Referral System. “Brian’s way of doing business resonated deeply with me from the beginning. It’s not about what you get from your clients but about what you give to them.”

In May of 2013, she upgraded from Referral Maker PRO to One2One Coaching. Suzanne’s goal was to double her income compared to her first year’s earnings. Together with her Coach, she made a daily, weekly and monthly plan to keep her focused on the activities she would need to do in order to reach that goal.

The result? After 18 months in coaching, Suzanne exceeded her goal of doubling her income, earning $199,000 adjusted GCI.

In 2015, Suzanne is aiming even higher and has set goals to increase her income to $250,000, hire an assistant, spend more quality time with her family and take a dream trip to India. “My Coach is able to guide me. I tell her what I want to achieve, where I see myself and my business going, and she gives me a roadmap. All I have to do is follow the route and it works.”

If the past is any indicator, with her Coach by her side, Suzanne is sure to achieve it all.

Suzanne Botsifaras Results:

2016 — Suzanne closed 26 transactions with over $13 million in sales.

2012 — Suzanne started as a new agent and completed Peak Producers.

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