Kathy Martin

Kathy did $20 million in total sales volume.

“My first coach just opened up my eyes.”


North Fork, Long Island

Member since 1998

“You don’t have to worry about where the income is going to come from. There’s just such peace about life now.”

Kathy Martin

When Kathy Martin entered the world of real estate, it was chaos. She was working long hours with little progress, and acquired nearly $25,000 in owed taxes. She joined One2One Coaching™ after attending a Buffini & Company event, and things began to turn around.

“My first coach just opened up my eyes. She worked with me on focusing what my strengths were and incorporating those strengths in the business,” Kathy says.

One2One Coaching gave this real estate pro something else too balance. As a successful runner with several world records under her belt, Kathy was on the verge of quitting her passion to make more time for her business. Today, instead of either or, she’s achieved both and.

“There’s just such peace about life now. Family first, running second, business third and everything else fits in,” Kathy says.

Watch Kathy’s inspirational journey toward balance. Schedule a free business consultation to learn more about Buffini & Company real estate coaching and training.

Kathy Martin Results:

2018 — Kathy Martin did $20 million in total sales volume.

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