Mariesa Holm

Mariesa's gross commission income increased to $256,517.

“This year, I will probably make close to $300,000.”


Kirkland, WA

Member since 2019

“To be as young as I am and to have the level of success that I have, I can only attribute that to coaching. This year, I will probably make close to $300,000 completely referral-based.”

Mariesa Holm

When Mariesa was laid off from the finance industry and pregnant with her second child, she had a hard time finding a new job. Within days of giving birth, she was hired as a transaction consultant and within two years, she moved to another brokerage as a licensed assistant and buyer’s agent.

Working 50-60 hours a week with a one- and four-year-old was not sustainable. After discovering Buffini & Company through The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials training course, she trusted the Work by Referral system and joined One2One Coaching.

Coaching quickly helped her to remember her priorities and plan the life for her family that she always dreamed of. With her coach’s support, insight and expertise, she learned to put herself first by reducing her reliance on the online leads that demanded her time 24/7.

Mariesa trusted that the stacking effect would do its job and it has! Not only has her business almost doubled since starting coaching, this year, she anticipates earning close to $300,000 completely referral-based. Watch her inspiring story and schedule your free business consultation to learn more about Buffini & Company real estate coaching and training.

Mariesa Holm Results:

2020 — Mariesa Holm's gross commission income (GCI) grew to $256,517.

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