Patti Martin

Patti completed 153 transactions, sales volume over $65 million.

“Now I stand out in a competitive market.”

Realtor – RE/MAX Westcoast

Richmond, BC

Member since 2008

“My relationships extend far beyond the transaction.”

Patti Martin

Patti Martin believes it’s not what you say to people that counts, it’s how you make them feel. A principle she’s built her successful real estate business on. We interviewed Patti to find out how she closed 130 deals last year, despite heavy competition in her Richmond, B.C. market. She credits her success to making clients feel exceptional, offering value during the deal and after, and high retention. These are all principles she’s learned and implemented with the help of her Buffini & Company Coach.

Watch the video and find out how she did it…

Patti Martin Results:

153 transactions, sales volume over $65 million.

130 transactions, sales volume $42 million

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